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Please keep free to contact us for any information you need, we will be glad to give you personally reference data, answer your questions or provide test translation and a price offer.

Our seven assets

High quality is one of the most important objectives of the company. Excellent quality of translated texts is the result of combining a complex of activities and means. ARTEC's products meet requirements of the DIN2343 and ISO9000 standards.

Structured prices
Activities carried out by the company with respect to individual orders are based on clients' specific requirements. Generally speaking, all activities are carefully structured and based on given limitations. The firm in cooperation with the client always tries to find the most suitable alternative.

Long-term cooperation
Translators and other specialists are selected according to specific needs in cooperation with the client. Close attention is paid especially to familiarity with individual specialized fields. In addition, a team of translators, which is once put together becomes permanent, a fact, which over the long term guarantees high quality of translated materials and language style consistency.

ARTEC specializes in fields where it has successfully executed projects in the past, such as multimedia, localization, creating and maintaining glossaries of terms and phrases, user guides/manuals/documentation, and commercial/training/advertising and other materials. Clients are offered comprehensive services, high quality, terminological consistency and a highly professional approach.

Project management
ARTEC's coordination and optimization of individual stages of translation mean that clients receive comprehensive services. Materials are always completed in a timely manner, are of a high quality and consistent from the point of view of terminology and phraseology.

Modern translation procedures
Based on extensive experience from localization and multimedia work, ARTEC pays close attention to creating and updating databases of frequently recurring terms. After the approval of a validator or of the client these terms become obligatory for all future translations. Progressively this approach results in the creation of a robust supporting instrument which leads to further improvements of translated texts.

Modern equipment
ARTEC uses state-of-the-art translation instruments. The company has its own specialized software for creating and updating databases and capacities for further research and development. ARTEC extensively uses Internet communication and applications optimizing translation systems. The company is capable of flexible reactions and adapting to clients' specific software requirements.